Development of institutional capacity of the Regional Development Agency

The project proposal is a synthesis of previous consultations and discussions that took place in 2013 between European and Ukrainian experts (including within the framework of the EU project “Support to Sustainable Regional Development”), representatives of the European Commission, Ukrainian cities and local development institutions, in particular, on Four All-Ukrainian Forum of Local Development Institutions   in Krivyi Rig and Vinnytsia.

This Project Proposal presents the results of the analytical and planning work of the group of experts, which, summarizing the experience gained in the EU and Ukraine, offer variants of solutions to the key issues of the establishment and functioning of the Regional Development Agency, which aims to strengthen the capacity of the community, as well as to improve the quality and speed of the local processes economic and territorial development.

The proposed solutions are most optimal for Ukrainian realities, consistent with the practices of the European Union and international financial organizations, as well as the current Ukrainian legislation.

The project proposal has been prepared in order to establish the effective work of already established development institutions. We offer an individual approach and assistance in organizing the structure and necessary organizational-functional documents of the RDA, involving partners in joint work of the RDA with the introduction and registration of changes in the governing bodies, providing personnel training and the formation of a quality human resource reserve, preparation of project applications and business plans, establishing cooperation with donors and potential investors, establishing contacts with successful development institutions, etc. These and other steps in the short term will ensure the efficient use of the available resource potential in the region to attract funds to the RDA budget, the effective functioning of the RDA and contribute to the achievement of positive changes in the regional economy.

The Key results of the implementation of the Project proposal:

  • at least 25 full-time staff and reserve staff will be recruited to work, will receive new knowledge and skills, improve their qualifications;
  • RDA staff and experts independently in daily cooperation with mentors (advisors) will prepare 17developmental projects, including 7 – investment and 10 – from the development of the territory and social infrastructure and submit them for funding;
  • thepriorities of the socio-economic development of the territory will be prioritized and the updated Strategy and Action Plan for regional development of the region (and, accordingly, the activity of RDA) for 2018-2020;
  • will attract 3 990 650 hryvnyas to cover expenditures for the activity of RDA  for the 1st year of work.

Project proposal “Development of institutional capacity of RDA”