NGO “Local Development and Reforms Center” is a non-governmental organization established in 2007 on the initiative of territorial development experts Oleksandr Mazurchak, Volodymyr Udovychenko, Valeriy Baranov and Andriy Ginkul.

The goal of the Center is assistance at establishment and development the effective systems of sustainable development in Ukraine at the community and territory level, the system of local government open to citizens, finding solutions to solve top-priority objectives of the territories. Priority direction is expert and institutional support for Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) creation in all regions of Ukraine.

In 2016 NGO “Local Development and Reforms Center” has opened a specialized resource www.region.net.ua intended to be a source of high quality and reliable information about the current institutions of territorial development. All information and documents are the result of long-term work and experience in all regions of Ukraine, of territorial development projects initiated by Ukrainian and international institutions and organizations.

Key objectives:

  • dissemination of the best practices and skills on urban development planning, development and implementation of local programs, use and development of local resources;
  • support for forming the system of professional training, education and competence development of civil servants and local government officials;
  • promoting transparency of central and local authorities, particularly by involving the public into discussion of socially important decisions;
  • support for reform of local government authorities, all levels of government and system of national administration in general;
  • support for implementation of the state policy on development of the cities, communities and territories, sustainable regional and local development;
  • support for development of basic institutions of civil society at the lowest level.

To achieve its goal and objectives “Local Development and Reforms Center” provides the following activities:

  • organizes and holds symposia, conferences, seminars, round tables, presentations, contests, forums, meetings, debates, workshops and other information and training activities;
  • performs analytical, organizational and administrative work;
  • holds public evaluation and prepares its own proposals as for draft legal documents aimed to ensure the process of reforming public administration system, civil society, territories and regions;
  • develops and provides the implementation of projects and programs aimed at ensuring regional development.

With experts of NGO “Local Development and Reforms Center” the following were developed:

  • Practical Guide for Ukrainian cities and regions “How to create a sustainable Local Development Agency”;
  • Action plan for tourism development and capacity building for the State Agency of Ukraine for Tourism and Resorts;
  • Tourism Development Strategy of Kyiv city, including marketing and action plans;
  • draft law “On basic principles of regional development”;
  • legal concept of Regional Development Fund and the statutes of the Fund and the Regional Development Agency;
  • draft law on energy conservation;
  • package of projects for regional development reforms (according to the Project for supporting sustainable regional development, funded by the EU);
  • proposals for public procurement reform;
  • draft amendments to the Land Code concerning auction and transfer of land, decentralization of budget and public services with proposals of national level to local government one;
  • number of regulations on SMEs taxation;
  • proposal for the chairman of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on 10 key sectoral reforms and others.

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